About us

The about me, well about us, section of the blog has been a thorn in my side for a very long time. Since both of us find it difficult to write about ourselves I’ve decided to copy our conversation about that very topic here with a short intro.

Tamara is 28 years old and I’m 26. We met in college when I used my vivid imagination and decided that her nose piercing must be a camera since she was obviously a secret agent. English isn’t our mother tounge (we are Croatian) so you will probably spot some grammar mistakes here and there. Tamara is currently a sales assistant in a clothing store and whenever I see her work at the register she reminds me of a octopus. She works so fast that it seems like she had ten hands instead of one. I on the other hand studied fashion design and at the moment I’m searching for a job since I don’t want to be a starving artist and need money for other essentials like art supplies. Our other mutual hobby is definitely reading books. When we find a book we like we could talk about it for hours.

So that’s that as far as the intro goes and now here’s the copy of our conversation:

Andrea: Hiiii 🙂

Tamara: Holaaa

Andrea: I need you to write something about yourself for our blog
Tamara: aaaaaaa
Andrea: I didn’t say we’re going to the dentist so there’s no need for such a reaction. If you don’t do it, I’ll say to everyone that there’s nothing more you like than being called Tammy
Tamara: Noooo…. here… I’m a cheerful creature that is an eternal optimist
Andrea: Perfect. Now a couple more facts about you
Tamara: Well that was a couple of words
Andrea: In that case…. a couple more
Tamara: I was born, and now I’m living and enjoying life
Andrea: Obviously the whole reason why we work so great together is because your optimism is too strong for my realistic (some would say pessimistic) side. And you obviously use me for my talent in passing Candy Crush Saga levels
Tamara: Yes… and because you write for our blog and I’m too lazy for that
Andrea: Wonderful. Now here’s something for both of us. We should probably write some fact about ourselves that people don’t generally know.
I for example don’t know how to whistle and it’s an eternal problem for me. I only manage to do it sometimes…. accidentally.
Tamara: hahaha… well I don’t know how to do it either. I would like to learn how to draw graffiti and snowboarding
Andrea: I can totally picture you with a beanie on your head under the guise of night drawing graffiti. What is your first memory connected to drawing:
Tamara: My mom just told me that when I was little I colored an entire passport with my pencils
Andrea: Obviously you have a hidden fear that has to do with travelling out of the country. My first drawing memory is that I remember drawing grass in kindergarten.
Tamara: Obviously you have a fear of nature
Andrea: Who wouldn’t be afraid with all those bugs
Tamara: Ok. I have a question for both of us. Why do we prefer to use watercolors instead of colored pencils?
Andrea: Because using watercolors is faster and we’re not exactly patient
Tamara: Definitely

And that’s the end for now for our about us section. If you have any questions for us, feel free to ask.
Tamara & Andrea



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